Frequently Asked Questions

What are we selling ?

We offer you the chance to increase your biogas production with the Greenstep technology.
Thanks to the Greenstep®  you are no longer dependent  on the enzyme production of other companies because you are producing your own, continuous and directly on-site.

How much additional biogas production can you get with the Greenstep® device ?

Thanks to our team of engineers we can test this for your situation  and give you a good estimate.

Which feedstocks give the best results ?

The Greenstep cocktail action is specific to lignocellulosic rich matter. That included grass, leafs, garden and kitchen wastes, straw, in other words:  basically all natural fibers.

Do you  already have  some large scale results ?

We have tested the Greenstep® for more than 2 years on the ATTERO site. You can find more details about this project here.

How was  biological selection of enzymes  made?

After 10 years of research and development, we have selected the best combination of enzyme, prebiotic and probiotic and bacteria. We are growingthese strains under selective condition in the Greenstep®.

Is it possible to get a demonstration ?

Of course ! We will be happy to welcome you to one of our production sites. To be added to our guestlist for the next visit please contact us.