Groot Zevert


Greenstep® commissioning:  May 2018

Groot Zevert unit produced its own electricity and heat thanks to a mesophilic (38°C) digestion process. This represents 20% of the total biogas production. The other 80% are supplied to the next-door dairy cooperative via a 6km pipe. Doing so  a 100% energetic conversion of the biogas to heat is realized. This is  a  great example of methanation integration in the local economy !

Feedstock: 80% manure and 20% co product (food waste  and agricultural)

Green electricity production: 4.000.000 kWh per year

Equivalent electrity consumption of approx. 1350 Dutch households

Gas production: 8 millions Nm3/year

Electric power production capacity: 500 kWe

Digestion process temperature: 53 degrees Celcius