THE Greenstep®


Biogas production will play an important role in the energy transition. The green gas that is produced will be used as biofuel for heavy transportation (bio CNG or bio LNG) or can serve as a feedstock for the chemical industry. Currently there are approximately 18.000 anaerobic digesters in Europe. As the production of renewable energy should not compete with food production, nowadays more and more emphasis is put on the digestion of waste materials and second generation lignocellulosics. Although these, mainly fibrous feedstocks, are relatively low cost, they pose severe limitations on the fermentation process. Their breakdown is slow. The biogas yield relatively low. And the viscosity in the digester is increased.


Our aim is to enable maximized production of green gas from sustainable feedstocks. This is why Greenmove Technologies has developed a process to accelerate the breakdown of fibrous materials. Improved degradation results in shorter residence time (-25%), increased biogas production (+5-10%) and to add a larger percentage of lignocellulosic materials to the feedstock menu. Additionally the amount of digestate can be reduced which is especially important in the digestion of waste materials like sludge and MSW.

How does it work?

The Greenstep® cocktail is a mixture of nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. The cocktail is produced on-site in the Greenstep® installation under selective conditions with pure natural micro-organisms to obtain the highest production yield of bacterial cells and enzymes.

The Greenstep® system can be integrated in anaerobic digestion processes of:

  • Kitchen and garden wastes, grasses, leaves, soft wood etc.
  • Agricultural waste streams including high content lignocellulosic fibers, like: straw and grass
  • Municipal wastewater treatment facilities (accelerating digestion of toilet paper residues)

Working principle

  • Degrading binding sites between lignin and hemicellulose.
  • Degrading the entire moleculair structure of hemicellulose and cellulose .
  • The Greenstep system is an add-on for existing or new build treatment plants to accelerate the anaerobic degradation process, shorten the hydraulic retention time and increase the overall production of biomethane. 
  • Greenstep product can be dosed directly to the digestion process or the pre-acidification process.

What do you get?

The Greenstep® installation is a full scale biotech factory. The system is fully automated. The only connections it needs is, water, electricity and internet. The whole process runs on a program which starts, stops and restart by itself.


In the upper compartment grow the bacteria and fungus. The lower compartment contains the process control, buffer tanks and nutrient supply.